Making the connection between engagement and performance.

We create and manage engagement strategies and solutions that help companies achieve management, marketing and sales objectives by motivating, aligning and engaging the people critical to your success:

  • Employees
  • Channel Partners
  • Suppliers
  • Salespeople
  • Customers
  • Communities

Engagement Partners provides solutions for companies to improve their cultures of recognition, innovation and dynamic sales performance.

From Strategy to Action

We design and administer engagement services including:

  • High Performance Leadership, Training, Coaching
  • Employee Reward, Recognition, Wellness Programs
  • Sales and Channel Incentive Programs
  • Customer Loyalty and Referral Programs
  • Motivational Travel, Meetings, Special Events
  • Innovation and Collaboration Platforms
  • Learning Systems, Games, Exams, Certification
  • Polling, Surveys and Advisory Councils
  • ...and more